Our approach

CERo’s novel approach to fighting cancer aims to harness the power of the body’s innate and adaptive immune systems.

We are pioneering a new generation of autologous T-cell-based therapies that uniquely combine attributes of macrophages and dendritic cells of the innate immune system with those of T cells (adaptive immune system) for treatment of both hematologic and solid tumor cancers. This integrated approach draws on recent advances in synthetic and T cell biology with the intent to increase the curative potential and safety profile of current therapies.

Multifunctional T cells with enhanced anti-tumor capabilities

Our core technology is based on a new class of engineered cells called chimeric
engulfment receptors (CERs), which integrate multiple features of both the innate
(engulfment and antigen presentation) and adaptive (T-cell activation) immune systems.
Introduction of a CER into a T cell allows tumor recognition via an “Eat Me” signal present on tumor cells. CER-T cell binding mediates the capture and uptake of tumor cell fragments, which are engulfed. Intracellular signaling domains activate T cells, leading to cytotoxic killing of the tumor. An additional component of the CER enables the T-cell to process and present tumor associated antigen and potentially stimulate a broad secondary immune response to neoantigens. Thus, CER T cells have the unique potential to combine direct tumor cell killing and phagocytic antigen presentation into single T cells to achieve tumor control.

Investors and Partners