Join the CERo team

We are a small team with a bold vision – to expand the application of engineered T-cell therapies for treating patients with high unmet need.

At the start of it all

Our novel approach introduces distinct and complementary tumor cell clearance pathways into a single T-cell product. With a technology platform with broad potential across a range of tumor types, we are just getting started.

Our values

CERo is a science-focused, cell therapy biotechnology company with a mission- and innovation-driven culture.

We are advancing our novel cell therapy platform to bring new and more effective therapies to patients with life-threatening and serious diseases. Teamwork is a must — everyone’s contribution is critical to reaching our goal to serve patients. We are committed to scientific excellence and finding innovative solutions.

Join our exceptional team

Our team comprises a passionate and ambitious group of physicians, scientists, and drug development/business professionals working together to create new and improved therapeutic options for patients. We are relentlessly committed to bold, innovative science in the pursuit of improving patients’ lives.