Our technology platform

The CER T cell platform represents a novel autologous cell therapy in which T cells are engineered with a chimeric engulfment receptor that targets cancer cells’ eat me signal. The approach combines direct cell killing and phagocytic antigen presentation into single T cells to achieve tumor control for potential treatment in solid and hematologic tumors.

Multimodal approach to optimize cellular immunotherapy

We are constructing multifunctional engineered CER T cells with the potential to be deployed against a broad range of hematologic and solid tumors.

Engineered cellular therapies represent a new standard of care for patients with relapsed or refractory hematologic cancers; however, the remarkable success of these therapies has not yet translated to solid tumors. In addition, currently available cellular therapies can have notable toxicity and fewer than half of all responders have a durable response beyond 2 years. Further, current cell therapies require the existence of specific tumor-associated antigens, which is particularly challenging with solid tumors. The complex interplay between diverse molecular and immune processes that govern resistance to cellular-based therapies compels a multimodal approach.

Therapeutic potential

CERo’s platform provides a distinct approach to other immune-based therapies. The platform has the potential to recognize broad tumor types, and, by combining the body’s own natural clearance machinery with enhanced T-cell cytotoxic effects and APC-like capabilities, CER T cells can amplify the body’s anti-tumor immune response.

The novel mechanism of action of CERo’s platform presents multiple opportunities to leverage synergies between CER T cells and existing treatment approaches, which may result in more durable and potentially curative outcomes for patients across multiple indications.

CERo’s multimodal strategy also enables rational combination approaches with other therapeutic agents to augment the eat me ligand to drive effector function:

  • Combinations with targeted small molecules or other targeted agents
  • Single engineered dual targeting CER/CAR T cell

Augmented function using combinatorial small molecule or CER/CAR constructs in single T cells

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In both approaches, the mechanism of action involves CER-directed cell killing and CER-induced endogenous secondary immune responses, potentially leading to an enhanced treatment response.