Tumor Cell Clearance Reimagined

About CERo

At the intersections of innate and adaptive cell clearance, molecular and cellular therapy lies CERo

At CERo, we are expanding the armamentarium of engineered cell therapies to create a whole new class of innovative medicines for cancer patients. Armed with an understanding of cellular clearance and molecular immunology, we engineer cells to engage new and complementary cell elimination pathways to enable deeper and more sustained clinical responses.

Our Science

Coordinating cell clearance to eliminate tumors

We believe that combining multiple forms of cell clearance into single cells will vastly expand their therapeutic potential. Our team leverages understandings from innate immune clearance and synthetic biology to engineer cells with expanded capabilities to eliminate tumors.

Creating synergies with targeted therapeutics

We rationally integrate engineered cells with medicines directed at precisely defined molecular targets to create powerful therapeutic synergies. We believe targeting multiple components of disease simultaneously will enable more complete and durable clinical responses.

Enhancing secondary immune responses

To further enhance the body’s ability to recognize diseased cells, we engineer cells to uniquely capture antigen and mobilize powerful adaptive immune responses to secondary target antigens. Broadening of immune responses over time evokes ongoing and adaptable tumor control.

Collaboration across disciplines

Our team combines the languages of innate, adaptive, molecular-targeted, and computational learnings together to generate and leverage data today to advance tomorrow’s cell therapy platforms.



Our Team

Join our exceptional team

If you want to help lead the way to develop more effective medicines for some of our most challenging oncology indications, check out our openings or contact us. Our team is comprised of an ambitious group of physicians, life scientists, data scientists, and synthetic biologists working together to problem solve the most difficult-to-treat cancers.

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